Prudential Energy Services are Grande Prairie’s Experts in
Oilfield Fluid Storage Systems
Serving All of Northern British Columbia and Alberta

Prudential Energy’s innovated tank design is engineered to run safely and efficiently, and to ultimately save you time and money. Our team of seasoned technicians and customers helped in the design process. Their hands-on experience creates efficiencies that maximize the productivity of your project.

What Makes the Prudential Tanks Superior?

Our team of seasoned technicians and customers. Their hands on experience creates efficiencies that maximize the productivity of our project. Only True Double Wall Directive 55 Compliant Tank of it’s kind and purpose!

Prudential Wheeled Tank System Generation 1 Double Wall Invert Tank:

YEARS BUILT: 2010, 2011, 2012

Designed for performance and efficiency, the Generation I is our original build. Although it has a smaller capacity than our Generation II model, these tanks perform better than any of our competitors.


Prudential Wheeled Tank System Generation 2:

YEARS BUILT: 2013, 2014

The Generation II frameless design was created for larger volumes while maintaining the same foot print as a Generation I tank. It also comes with additional features such as high and low suction points and overflow ports.



Our Tank Systems

Key Benefits of Prudential

  • Our tanks feature the most efficient (no vapour lock) venture
    and optional mechanical circulation systems available. See
    detailed specs here.
  • One of a kind safety features that our competitors do not
  • Horizontal tanks built with more volume while maintaining the same footprint as our competitor’s smaller dimensional tanks.
  • Saves customer the cost of additional tank rentals and disposal
  • Servicing all plays in Alberta, Northern British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.
  • The Prudential Invert storage system shows significant cost savings and is the most versatile tank farm out there.
    Bill A.
  • Prudential’s willingness to work with customer needs and come up with innovative solutions to suit an individual well site is why I continue to use their services.
    James C.
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