Prudential Energy Services are The Experts in Oilfield Fluid Storage Systems

Since 2008, we have been the industry leader in Western Canada, reshaping the process and delivering the most efficient circulation systems available.

Our Services Save You Time and Money

Prudential Energy’s well-engineered tanks have taken a time-consuming, manpower-intensive process and made it safe, cost effective and reliable.

Our tanks will safely store fluid on site, without berming, liners or costly trucking expenses. As well, these fluid storage systems, paired with our 150m3 electrically heated, lined and insulated water tank, provide you with versatility like never before.

We’re Proud to Be Locally Owned and Operated

Based out of Grande Prairie, we serve all of northern British Columbia and Alberta. With close to 100 years of combined oil and gas experience, our management team will provide strategic focus and relentless attention to customer care and service.

Why Customers Choose Prudential

As experts in fluid storage for oilfield applications, Prudential Energy delivers an industry leading product, exceptional customer service and in-depth understanding of the process. Dedication to the process at no extra charge, Prudential Energy has a preventative maintenance field program.

After deployment and set up, we manage our tank farms like a solids package whereby a service technician is out every seven to 10 days to go through the system and run the required tests.

Key Benefits of Prudential

  • Our tanks feature the most efficient (no vapour lock) venture and optional mechanical circulation systems available. See detailed specs here.
  • One of a kind safety features that our competitors do not offer.
  • Horizontal tanks built with more volume while maintaining the same footprint as our competitor’s smaller dimensional tanks.
  • Saves customer the cost of additional tank rentals and disposal charges.
  • Servicing all plays in Alberta, Northern British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.