Heated-Insulated-Lined-Wheeled Water Tank

Heated-Insulated-Lined-Wheeled Water Tank

Wheeled water tanks are great for brine water tank farms as well as when storing surface mud, or any water based fluid, in winter or summer. These tanks are electrically heated, insulated and lined and come with a flow back and frack port option.

Heated-Insulated-Lined-Wheeled Water Tank features include:


  • 150 m³ maximum fluid capacity
  • No compartments
  • No alarm system manual gauge


The wheeled water tank is equipped with a 3-inch circulation line that runs along the bottom of the tank, 3/8-inch ported nozzles just like our invert tanks. As well, it is pump assisted and if necessary, SEW Eurodrive Agitators can be added.


Our tank includes an electric probe that heats and circulates through a 6-inch glycol radiant tube that runs the length of the floor of the tank. It is a 3w/4p, 480-volt, 3 phase (4 to 7-amp draw) and comes with steam coil lines.

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