Prudential Tank System Generation 2


YEAR BUILT: 2013, 2014

The Generation II frameless design was created for larger volumes while maintaining the same foot print as a Generation I tank. It also comes with additional features such as high and low suction points and overflow ports.


Generation II features include:


  • 130 m³ maximum fluid capacity complete with working volume alarm system

Master Tank

  • Primary compartment: 80 m³
  • Secondary compartment: 50 m³ (commonly used for base oil)

Dual Slave

  • Front compartment: 80 m³
  • Rear compartment: 50 m³

Slave Tank

  • No compartments: 130 m³

Number of Compartments

Master Tank

  • Two Compartments (see volumes above)

Dual Slave

  • Two compartments (see volumes above)

Slave Tanks

  • No compartments


The Generation 2 comes with a 3-inch circulation line that runs along the bottom of the tank and 20 ported 3/8-inch nozzles that roll or agitate the fluid with the master tank. These lines are equipped in all Prudential horizontal tanks.


Our Generation 2 tank comes equipped with 2-inch steam coil lines. In the case where the steam is in short supply at the rig, we have access to get a remote or portable glycol heat from another company. In this case, these units attach to our steam lines.

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